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Did the Bharuch crime branch arrest Delhi riots’ mobster, Siraj Mohammad Anwar in the viral video?

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A video is going viral on social media depicting a live operation that looks a lot like a film sequence, where a cop team dressed in casual attire arrests four criminals in a heroic feat.

Claims: The caption with the viral video claimed that the CCTV installed at the roadside hotel caught the rare footage during an operation of the Bharuch Crime branch where they arrested mobsters involved in the Delhi riots. According to the viral message, the cop team nabbed Siraj Mohammad Anwar, who allegedly had links to the riots.

The caption read, “Live operation of Bharuch Crime Branch arresting mobsters from Delhi, whose name is Siraj Mohd Anwar n involved in Delhi riots. Upon tips, Bharuch Crime Branch apprehended him. Rare to see such footage. 👇”







Neither the video is from Bharuch, nor the arrested criminal’s name is Siraj Mohd Anwar.

His name is Kishor Luhar, and the video is from Ahemedabad.

The caption with the video is misleading. While the video is of a real operation, it is not from an arrest of Mohammad Siraj Anwar, an alleged accused of the Delhi riots.

The video is also not from Bharuch. It is actually from a roadside eatery in Amarpura village in Saraswati taluka of Patan district. Amarpura is a village around 350 km away from Bharuch.

The caption mentioned that the name of the accused is Mohammad Siraj Anwar and linked him to the Delhi riots. The operation, however, was planned to arrest Kishor Luhar, a wanted criminal involved in 14 offences, including robbery and rape. 

The crime branch team arrested Luhar and three others in the live operation. The Times of India published a story on this heroic operation on July 1st. To read the entire article, click here.

Times Now published another news article backing the true story behind the filmy operation.

The article stated, “The arrest, which was made on 27 June 2021, has been captured in CCTV footage. As per a statement by the crime branch, Luhar, a 29-year-old resident of Deesa town in Banaskantha, was reportedly involved in a total of 14 offences to date: these include seven offences in Ahmedabad city, five in Banaskantha district, and two in Sirohi and Jhalor districts of Rajashtan.”

The entire article is accessible here.

Similarly, the Hindi news website Lokmat News also published this thrilling story of crime branch cops posing as customers to nab wanted criminals.

To read the article, click here.

Hence, it is clear that the viral message is misleading, as the details are incorrect and seem like an attempt to give the story an unnecessary communal spin.




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