Did RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat say he lost his faith in religion? No, the graphic is morphed

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A Hindi newspaper article clipping reporting that RSS (Rashtriya SwayamSewak Sangh) Chief Mohan Bhagwat has lost faith in religion over COVID-19 pandemic, is being made viral on various social media platforms.

Claim: “कोरोना ने तोड़ी मेरी धर्म में आस्था: मोहन भागवत”
Translation: Corona shook my faith in religion



You can check the above-mentioned post here.



The first thing to notice in this newspaper clipping is that the article has been written in the first person which does not usually happen with a newspaper report. It does not look like a statement given away by RSS chief himself as attributions and quotes are missing.

While one reason to not believe in this claim is the above mentioned, what supports the claim in standing false are certain tweets posted by RSS and related political leaders. Take a look:

You can view this post here 

Both the above-mentioned tweets clearly justify that the post has been morphed and that the claim put across by this newspaper clipping is totally false. Not only this but on using this post on reverse image search, we found no similar statement given out by RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat and that clearly shows that he has not stated it.

Furthermore, on looking at the clipping picture carefully you will find that the image of RSS is not aligned and there also is some extra spacing between the words, which is difficult to discern in newspapers usually.

Hence, it is clear that the claim stands false and Dr Mohan Bhagat has not given out any such statements, neither is this picture a true newspaper clipping.









Kashish Arora

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