Did Modi ji never visit Sabarmati Ashram being CM as Tushar Gandhi claims ?

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Tushar Gandhi, great grandson of Mahatma Gandhi tweeted – “As CM of Gujarat he never visited Sabarmati Ashram, not once in 15 years. Now as PM visiting dignitaries drag him there, I guess.”

Let’s divide first sentence in two parts
– As CM of Gujarat he never visited Sabarmati Ashram
– not once in 15 years

Now, both parts are wrong.
Now PM Modi Ji, did visit Sabarmati Ashram accompaning various others ‘as CM’ e.g. Ex PM Manmohan Singh, Ex President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Ex President Pratibha Patil
All these visits were in last 15 years.

In Year 2002 with Ex President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

In year 2005 with Ex PM Manmohan Singh


In Year 2009 with Ex President Pratibha Patil 


Mr. Tushar Gandhi did try to defend his tweet later but it’s on you to understand the purpose of first tweet which had more than 1000 retweets.


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