Credit misplaced! Jeevanrekha Express is Impact India’s initiative. It has completed 25 years in 2016. Two coaches added in 2016.

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Credit misplaced. Jeevanrekha Express is Impact India’s initiative (started on 16th July 1991), not Modi Ji’s. It has completed 25 years in 2016. Two coaches added in December 2016.

Over the years there had been addition and changes for good in the train.
No. it’s not Modi Ji’s initiative as few pages are lying and lakhs are believing. It’s initiative by Impact India

For last few days many pages have shared the December 2016 inauguration photos claiming to be recent and many who didn’t know about the train believe that this train has been started just 3-4 days back which is false.

Mr. J.P. Nadda, Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India inaugurated 2 additional coaches of #LifelineExpress to introduce cancer & family health services with Sh Suresh Prabhu Ji in December 2016.
Impact India – “Upto December 2010, over 600,000 disabled poor in rural India have so far benefited from the remarkable train, and other countries have come forward to start their Lifeline Express on which major surgeries have been performed to restore movement, hearing, sight and correction of clefts with the help of the donated skills and services of over 80,000 surgeons, to make this dream possible.”
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