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Barabanki police’s mock drill video is being wrongly used as a coronavirus case

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A video is going viral on various social media platforms showing how doctors and nurses tackle positive coronavirus patients. This clip clearly demonstrates some medical experts dealing with people who have contracted COVID-19.

“जब भारत में सड़क पर मिला Corona का मरीज तो देखिए पुलिस और डॉक्टरों ने क्या किया!” reads the caption. 

Translation: “Check what police and doctors did on catching a corona positive case on road.”


And like the above-mentioned, there are several others who are sharing this video on this platform.



You can view the video here



Tweet translation: Mockdrill and guidelines were given to the concerned for prevention of novel coronavirus.

The above mentioned post makes it clear that the video was shared by the account of Barabanki Police, itself. The main idea behind shooting it was to create awareness amongst masses on what should be done on contracting with a positive COVID-19 patient.

The post being made viral through various platforms is originally derived from this account, howbeit with a different story. The truth is different. The video, in reality, does not show any real cases as claimed by the viral posts.

Reserve image search led us to this tweet when we used keyframes of the video extracted from InVid. This post was shared in March, 2020.

Kashish Arora

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