Bangalore Police arrested the hoax caller who claimed that there will terrorist attack in seven states and one Union Territory

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A day after a hoax call at the control room of Bangalore police claiming that ” Terrorist attack will happen in the states of Maharashta, Goa , Tamil Nadu , Karnataka, Kerala , Andhra Pradesh, Telengana and Union Territory Pondicherry.” Bangalore police arrested the caller . The caller identified himself as 65 year old Swamy Sundara Murthy informed that terrorist attack will occur in trains and that 19 terrorists are present in Ramanathapuram in Tamil Nadu. The hoax call was made on Friday .
Soon after the call the DG of Karnataka issued a letter to all the DG’s of the respective states telling them to take necessary action as they received a call from a phone number who is claiming that there will be terrorist attack on this area.
Here is the  letter that was sent to all DG’s of the respective states that was mentioned by the caller.

In the wake of the serial blast at SriLanka on Easter Sunday many social media users asked whether the letter was true or fake.

We received the following reply from the Police, today morning

Coimbatore : The Bangalore police on Saturday have arrested the man for falsely alerting the Karnataka police with a tip-off stating that terror attacks have been planned in trains of several States including Tamil Nadu.  

Based on his information, the Karnataka DG and IGP Neelamani issued a fax message on Friday night addressing to all DIGs of TN, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Goa, Puducherry and Maharashtra to take precautionary measures to avoid any toward incidents. – Simplicity

SMHoaxslayer contacted the DG’s office .
A senior officer said “The letter was issued by us, after we received a hoax call from a caller. We have already arrested the accused who is a retired army officer. The information that has been given by the caller is fake.”

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