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Getting offended, ransack, file FIR has somehow become a national hobby. This is just a case out of 100s of such kind. No one cares to look for How and Why before passing judgement and acting on impulse.

This was an advertisement, featuring Babasaheb Ambedkar, put up at a station and people did take offence, filed FIR and successfully brought it down. Congratulations to them and their missing common sense.
First of all what was wrong with the advertisement ?

We evolved from monkeys but we ended up in different models of human, criminals, terrorists but then also Leaders and Heroes.

While many stopped evolving after being human, few went further and became leaders, heroes whom others look upto.

The meaning of this ad, in case you didn’t get was, we evolved from monkeys, and some ended up being an Inspiration to all of us. So we should follow them. If they are trying to keep our surrounding ean so should we.

Now this ad was merely part of a campaign, in others more Leaders and heros were featured, babasaheb was not alone. It featured Gandhi Ji, Bhagat Singh and even the imaginary Bahubali as all of these have certain effect on people’s mind.
Didn’t you see the advertisements –
Amitabh selling Himani Tel
Sharukh selling Fair & Lovely

So by common sense, the Ambedkar Ad along with others as well were saying that they are doing their bit to keep you try clean and so should we.

But unfortunately there had been a chaos, people getting hurt, politics played over this.

Further, in a part of campaign of Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, even our PM Modi ji hold a broom in real life which didn’t offend anyone.

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