Are drugs being smuggled stuffed in Onions in India ?

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A video showing drug powder hidden inside onions was claimed to be recent and from India, some made its political use too.

A celebrated army Major Surendra Poonia falsely claims this to be by a J&K Lawyer Devendra Singh Behl who is considered close to separatist Geelani –


This claims Hyderabad –


Actually the viral video has been trimmed intentionally where the uniform of the cop actually cutting and showing the Onion has been removed so one can’t find out the origin of Video

The actual video is 2 years old I.e. December 2015 from Saudi Arabia. The video has a logo of police on shoulder on police uniform with text in Arabic/urdu.

Following is the complete video in which the badge of his arms can be seen in the first few frames


Saudi law enforcers seized a large quantity of drugs hidden inside onions in a shipment coming from another country, a newspaper reported on Thursday. A YouTube film published by Sada daily showed a customs official using a knife to cut an onion and reveal a piece of drug stuffed inside. The paper did not mention where in Saudi Arabia the shipment was busted. Hundreds of convicted drug smugglers have been executed in Saudi Arabia, one of the most conservative Islamic nations.Emirates247

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