A Video Proof of call from the blasting number 777888999 ?

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As cleared earlier and we already know that there can not be any 9 digit number but OMG, this video actually shows the proof that it’s possible and 100% sure this video is not edited, no CGI at all.
So shall we panic again ?

No. Calm down again. This video is just showing a name saved in contacts as +91777888999.
Infact I too first thought this to  be using some spoof app. There are apps for mobiles which can disguise your number etc but this particular one was quite simple which I missed and someone enlightened me.

Go Ahead and change Your wife’s name from “Wife” đŸ˜‰ to “+91777888999” and call your number from her mobile and watch your screen.

While this no 777888999 is merely a Hoax but there are many chances “Wife” may blast your Cell LoL

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