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A video of boys beaten by mob in Jahangirpuri is wrongly linked to the recent Loni case.

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A video has been circulated on social media after the Ghaziabad case where an old man was beaten by the mob . In the Ghaziabad case, a viral video was spread where an old man is being beaten up by few boys. The old man is later forced to chant “Jai Shree Ram”. After the case, another video is circulated wherein two boys are seen being thrashed and chased by a large group of people. The boys are beaten up by sticks. Also, the people are seen shouting at the back asking the mob to hit them more.

The video caption was written “भाइयों देख लो दाढ़ी काटने का अंजाम 4 आरोपियों में से एक आरोपी को पुलिस ने पकड़ लिया था बाकी तीन आरोपियों को जनता ने खुद ही सजा दी है दिल खुश कर दिये भाई आप लोग बहोत अच्छे पेले”

Translation“Brothers, see the consequences of beard cutting, one of the 4 accused was caught by the police, the other three accused have been punished by the public themselves”. 




The video has been circulated by various users claiming the repurcussions against the Loni case. The video was later shared by more than 700 users with 36,000 views. The video is now been removed by Facebook under false context.


The above video is not related to the reaction against the Loni case but an extortion case in Jahangirpuri. 

Following is the tweet which gave the info followed by credible news –

The incident had taken place on 13th June 2021 in Jahangirpuri. However, the video was circulated on social media in false context on 16th June 2021. While searching about the incident on Facebook, many users also claimed that the video is fake. However, we tried to probe into the matter and while cross checking, we came across the similar video being broadcasted by News Nation YouTube channel in different context.




In the video, the boys were thrashed by the crowd. They had come to extort money from a vegetable seller and tried to forcefully enter his house in Jahangirpuri. This incident resulted in the clash between the mob and the goons. All three boys are suspected of betting and money dealing. Later, all three boys were handed over to the police. 


NDTV reported –


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Shriya Handoo

MA- Journalism student at Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communications.