A page in name of god edited old video for communal humor.

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Blast added on a clip to show the guy who fell was carrying a bomb. 

page in the name of Shri Ram posted this fake video.

Fake vs real video

The actual video was shot by an onlooker and was viral because it was humorous in nature. The guy on skateboard tried to keep balance but ultimately fell flat on his face. Some hate monger added a Bomb Blast on last frame claiming him to be a suicidal terrorist. It also defies our common sense as why would ine terrorist use skate board to reach destination ?



Hoverboards have been in the news quite a lot lately and they look set to stay following this unfortunate footage from Dubai.

Captured on camera is the moment a man wipes out on one of the nifty contraptions and is sent hurtling down the road face-first.

The video, which was filmed by artist and entertainer Masta Moneyplus on a smart phone, appears to capture the man’s unfortunate fall completely on the off chance. – Daily Mail UK 

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