​Do you really need Lies to be proud of your country ? Ain’t you already ?

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​Do you really need Lies to be proud of your country ? Ain’t you already ?

This false image has been floating around on Social media challanging you to show your love for country. It falsely claims to be a route between Jammu to Vaishno Devi, Katra Station built by engineers and asking to share to respect them.
Well, truth be told, our engineers are already quite capable and doesn’t need Sugar Coated Lies.
– http://www.serraverdeexpress.com.br/site/en/trem/trem-da-serra-do-mar-paranaense/

Official site says 

Atlantic Forest

Go for a 110 kilometer journey thought the most preserved part of Brazilian Atlantic Forest. This trip was elected as one of the 10 most spectacular rail journeys in the world.”

South America Travel site says 

“Whether you are a train aficionado and specifically want to ride the rails in Brazil, or if you are just passing through southern Brazil on your way to the Iguassu Falls, a must-do activity is to ride the 3-hour Serra Verde Express Train Ride Curitiba to Morretes, nestled in the Atlantic Rainforest. This fun railway journey aboard the Serra Verde Express Train Ride is an eye-popping ride – you’ll spend most of the time looking out the open windows at the beautiful rolling hills, deep valleys, and verdant rainforest vegetation everywhere!

We at SouthAmerica.travel recommend beginning the trip with a group transfer in a van from Curitiba to Morretes, stopping along the Serra da Graciosa mountain road to see the Graciosa Gate. We recommend doing it this way because we want to save the best for last! The scenic train ride is absolutely breathtaking, so we want you to enjoy the full-day tour with the train ride at the end.

A Little History about the Serra Verde Express Train

The Serra Verde Express was an impressive engineering feat for its time. It was built in the 1880s and was completed within 5 years. It conjoined cities on the coast with those inland, traversing the hilly Atlantic Rainforest of the Serra do Mar mountain range. The train connects the cities of Curitiba and Paranagua, spanning 610 kilometers (380 miles). The train passes through 14 tunnels and goes over 30 bridges. At one point in the route, it goes from sea level to 3/4 of a mile high. The Ponte Sao Joao bridge is the highest bridge, at 55 meters.

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