​Director SS Rajamouli & Hero Prabhas ain’t donating first day earnings Rs. 115 Crore to Martyr’s.

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No, A fake news is viral claiming Director SS Rajamouli and Hero Prabhas has declared that they will donate 1st day earning Rs. 115 of Bahubali 2 to Martyr’s families.
This sounds so good it should be headlines in news channels, but is nowhere to be found at all except such facebook posts etc.
Checked through timeline of official page of Movie, Director and Hero on Facebook and a twitter. Nowhere in sight.
Got this analysis too from a well known celebrity

[30/04, 18:55] : It’s not possible.

[30/04, 18:56] : Of that 115 crores, half is the exhibitor and distributor’s share.

[30/04, 18:56] : Then Dharma/Karan would have to receive a share too, as co-producer/presenter.

[30/04, 18:57] : That means Rajamouli/Prabhas would probably have no more than 25-30 Cr. to give, even if they did decide to give it.

[30/04, 18:57] : Also, if they had, there would be a LOT more noise about it.
You also can check –
SS Rajamouli, Director:



Prabhas, Hero: https://www.facebook.com/ActorPrabhas/

Lie: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1850104108599117&substory_index=0&id=1440653896210809

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