​April’s photo in public domain which few channels claimed Undated & Unverified.

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TV News channels, Times Now and Republic posts an ‘unverified’, ‘undated’ photo of Rahul Gandhi standing with Robert Vadera, Priyanka Gandhi with people from Chinese embassy with a doubt on the location and timing of the photo.

Republic and Times now ran programs that when and why this family meet Chinese envoy/officials, is there something wrong ? Times used word “Chakkar” while Republic claimed Vadra talked to ‘China’

Republic tweeted

#VadraChinaTalks | Undated photo shows Vadra with Rahul and the Chinese envoy. What’s Vadra’s job with the Chinese envoy?”

Times Now tweeted

“Undated, unverified picture of Gandhi family with Chinese envoy goes viral on social media #RahulChineseChakkar






The photo was from a Chinese food festival “Diaoyutai Food Festival” held in April 2017 in Delhi attended by ministers from other parties as well.

We found this image easily by reverse searching on Google so how can these 2 big channels miss ?

Two possibilities
1. They can not not find a photo on Google – Not capable, not worth, so can they be believed ?

2. This was an intentional mistake. – you know it !
This was cleared by SMHoaxSlayer 1st –

This photo was uploaded on Chinese Embassy website in Delhi in April 2017, claiming they were invited to a Chinese food festival event in Taj Hotel, Delhi which was inaugurated by Mr. Suresh Prabhu

“Rahul Gandhi, Vice Chairman of the National Congress Party, was the guest of “China Diaoyutai Food Festival
On April 20, at the invitation of Ambassador Luo Zhaohui and his wife, the Vice Chairman of the National Congress Party, Rahul Gandhi, and his sister Priyanka’s family hosted the “Chinese Diaoyutai Food Festival” at the Taj Palace Hotel. Both sides tasted the Chinese food culture in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere and exchanged views on some topics of common interest. Counselor Jiang Yili and Counselor Zhou Yuyun attended the ceremony.”


Railway Minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu also participated in the festival

“The Chinese Embassy co-hosted the “Chinese Diaoyutai Cuisine Festival” with Diaoyutai State Guest House and Taj Palace Hotel. Chinese Ambassador H.E. Mr. Luo Zhaohui and his wife Dr. Jiang Yili, President of the Diaoyutai State Guest House Ambassador Zhang Junsai attended the inauguration. The Indian Minister of Railways the Honorable Suresh Prabhu participated the festival as the Chief Guest. More than 100 distinguished dignitaries, including political parties leaders, Members of Parliaments, government officials, scholars of think tanks, media, and diplomats in India were present.

Source: Chinese Embassy Website

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