Is that Indian Government peeping in your private life ?

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Is that Indian Government peeping in your private life ?
This message has been viral claiming from 11th April 2017 Government will be snooping on citizen’s private life, listening, recording, reading all our communication.

Don’t panic. This is fake, fake for various reasons.
1. The issue sounds bloody big, why is it only on WhatsApp ? No media, no gov announcements ?
2. Did Government want to keep it secret ? In that case, if you forwarded this message i.e. you opened the secret, you can be considered as a Traitor and jailed.
3. The day this starts, democracy will die.
4. Yes, such thing was uncovered by Edward Snowden, US NSA was doing it but in India it’s quite unlikely.
5. There is not ministry in country by name “Ministry of Interior Regulation

A country where merely a booking of ticket on IRCTC is a challenge, how can crores of people be tracked, data recorded and above all, manually analyzed ?

Fake message – 
*Ministry of Interior Regulation*

*From tomorrow onwards there are new communication regulations.*

*All calls are recorded*

*All phone call recordings saved*

*WhatsApp is monitored*

*Twitter is monitored*

*Facebook is monitored*

*All social media and forums are monitored*

*Inform those who do not know.*

*Your devices are connected to ministry systems.*

*Take care not to send unnecessary messages*

*Inform your children, Relatives and friends about this to take care*


This same happened in Ghana and they debunked it.


False –



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