While the news of minor being gang-raped in Tonk is true, the viral photo is not hers.

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A minor girl has been gang-raped (still in hospital) by four, Nisar, Salman, Zakir and a juvenile in Tonk, Rajasthan two days ago who are arrested, the news is true but the photo viral along with it is a wife of a policeman who killed her by hitting her on head in drunken state last month.

Claim:15 साल की बेटी के साथ गैंगरेप नेताओ के मुंह पर ताला लग गया टोंक मालपुरा थाना पचेवर गाँव बाछेड़ा में 15 साल की मासूम बच्ची के साथ चार मुस्लिम लड़कों ने मिलकर गैंगरेप किया ये घटना पूरे देश को शर्मसार करती है में सर्व समाज से अपील करता हूं की इस समय एकमात्र सोशल मीडिया के जरिए ही हम…”

Translation: “A 15-year-old girl was gang-raped by 4 Muslims in Tonk, Pachewar, Rajasthan. This incident shames the whole country. I appeal to the people to stay together through social media

A graphic picture claiming that of a minor who was raped in the Tonk district of Rajasthan, has gone viral on social media.

The minor girl was allegedly gang-raped in Rajasthan’s Tonk district following which three people were arrested and a juvenile was detained.

Graphic Warning



The picture has gone viral on various social media platforms.



The particular post has received over 12K shares,




Soon, the image was shared by various people with various captions,



The picture has also been shared widely on Twitter




While the news of Gang rape is true, the picture is NOT of the minor gangrape victim of Tonk, Rajasthan.

While the viral photo shows body of a dead woman, the minor girl is still alive.

Upon on doing a Google Reverse Image, it led us to various news articles.

The picture is of a woman who was murdered by her husband, a policeman in Hisar, Haryana in April 2020. According to a report by Asianet News Hindi, a policeman in Haryana murdered his wife with a blunt object over an argument.

The headline, originally in Hindi, says, “Policeman kills his wife in front of their 3-year-old son, called up the police and cried beside the bloodsoaked body“. The article was published on 16 April, 2020.


Scrolling down the same article we found the image similar to the image viral, the woman is wearing a pink kurta and beige coloured salwar, exactly similar in the viral picture.  


The same news reports were found with the same picture on the local news website of Haryana named, ‘Chopal TV’.  The entire article can be read here.

The report says that he was under the influence of alcohol when the police arrived.

Different News houses published the photo of the spot from different angles. Below is the comparison.

Amar Ujala

Asianet News

Zee News also reported on the incident, which was was published on April 16, 2020.

Moreover, the rape survivor is alive. News reports state that the rape survivor’s parents have registered an FIR, and the minor girl has given her statement.

According to a report by Hindustan Times, “The rape survivor, who was lying at that spot in an unconscious condition, gradually regained her consciousness and managed to reach her home. She shared her ordeal with her parents, who then filed a First Information Report (FIR) at Pachewar police station.


And according to a PTI report, “The girl”s statement has been recorded and a medical examination has been conducted…”


The names of the culprit is also true, they were Muslims



Therefore, it is established that the viral picture is NOT of the gangrape victim. It is to be noted that the woman in the picture had received a traumatic serious injury to the head, and is not related to the Tonk Gangrape case in any way. The picture is unrelated to the incident. 

Rhea Binoy

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