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Viral video of low floor bus claimed as DTC is not from Delhi, but Jaipur

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A viral video wherein rainwater from a water-logged road is entering into the lower deck bus is being shared on social media with a claim that the bus is DTC and because of Delhi rains, the water is entering into a running bus. In the 30-second video clip, the running bus with 4-5 passengers is visible with water flowing inside the bus and creating a panic situation for the passengers. The video is viral claiming that due to Delhi witnessing heavy rains, many roads in the city are getting water-logged and flooded with rainwater.

The caption of the viral video reads-” केजरीवाल जी दिल्ली वालों को वेनिस का टूर डीटीसी में करते हुए ” when translated reads- ” Kejriwal giving the people of Delhi a tour of Venice in a DTC bus.” The video is being shared on various social media platforms with a similar claim-



Ajay Sherawat (Spokesperson @bjp4delhi , National Media Incharge @bjp4India OBC Morcha.) tweeted

केजरीवाल के लगातार संघर्षो के कारण आज दिल्ली के घरों में ही नही बसों में भी पानी।

Translation: “Due to Kejriwal’s long fights, the water has entered not only the homes but even in the busses in Delhi”



Abhishek Dutta, who is a Vice President of Delhi Congress and an MLA Candidate also tweeted the same video with a caption that reads- “#केजरीवाल जी कल सुबह किस बात का प्रचार फुल पेज ऐड अखबारों के माध्यम से देंगे? बारिश में जल भराव के समय चाय के साथ पकोड़े कैसे बनाए ? (Whatsapp)”, when translated in English reads-  “What will #Kejriwal Ji promote tomorrow morning through full-page ad newspapers? How to make pakoras with tea during water logging in rain? (WhatsApp)”.

Among other people, Ashutosh Chaturvedi who is an Anchor and an Associate Editor With TV Today Network also tweeted the same video with the caption- “बचपन की यादें ताज़ा करनी हों तो आइए दिल्ली की सड़कों पर.और चढ़ जाइए DTC बस में.जी हां पानी का जहाज़ नहीं DTC ही है, तो चलिए अब लगाइए गोते। जय हो ” which when translated reads- “If you want to refresh the memories of childhood, then come on the streets of Delhi. And get on the DTC bus. Yes, there is no DTC ship, so let’s dive now. Jai Ho”

Alka Lamba who is the member of Indian National Congress also retweeted the same tweet that was earlier tweeted by Abhishek Dutta.

Delhi Youth Congress also tweeted the same video but the tweet is not available now followed by Gurpreet Kaur Chadha who is a Vice President of Mumbai Regional Mahila Congress Committee , Member of Mumbai Police, Film Censor Board, Guru Nanak Khalsa College.




The viral video is from Jaipur, Rajasthan not Delhi. 

While searching about the video, we took a closer look at the video and noticed a mention of the red board at the timestamp of 57 seconds, the board is visible in red color with a name mentioned in the Hindi language.

We took a closer look in the video and noticed a red board- it reads नसियां भट्टारकजी which when translated in English reads- Nasiya Bhattarakji, Jaipur. We searched about the place on google and came with results that say that the temple is situated in Jaipur and not in Delhi.

Also, in the video, we spotted the Jaipur Bus mirror image written on the bus window at the timestamp of 59 seconds which clarifies that the bus is from Jaipur.


The viral post had many comments claiming that the incident is not from Delhi but a place in Jaipur. Thus, with the help of keywords bus flooded with rainwater, Jaipur on google, we found a news report by Patrika in August 2020 when the city was hit by heavy rains. Rain in Jaipur, Water enters in low floor bus. According to this report, the city was hit by massive rains, and the drainage system of the area was logged. Thus resulting in water entering the lower deck bus. The report has a similar video as circulated on social media platforms with a false claim. Patrika reported the news on 11 August 2020. 


We also searched for a similar video on Youtube with keywords like- Water enters low floor bus in Jaipur and found two similar videos claiming that the heavy rains happened in Jaipur in August 2020. One video was uploaded by Cobra Post which is an online news portal and the other was uploaded by Khaskhabar which is again an online portal with the caption – Water enters low-floor bus during heavy rains in Jaipur. 




We had already debunked this false clip in August 2020 but the same clip is being reshared by people on various platforms again.

Congress is using videos of heavy rains from different cities targeting Delhi Government





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Shriya Handoo

MA- Journalism student at Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communications.