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Viral image and claims of Gujarat ATS women team catching a notorious criminal is old

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Claim: “ये कोई फिल्मी सीन नही है ..गुजरात #ATS महिला टीम ने कल जूनागढ़ के कुख्यात और खतरनाक बदमाश #अल्लारखा को बोटाद से धर दबोचा, इस ऑपरेशन को पूरा करने वाली टीम में मात्र #महिला #पुलिसकर्मी ही थीं …1.संतोकबेन ओडेदरा 2.नितमिकाबेन गोहिल 3.अरुणाबेन गामेती 4.शकुतलाबेन..नमन है इन बहादुर बहनों को.”

Translation: “This is not a film scene, Gujarat ATS Women Team has captured Junagarh’s dangerous criminal Allahrakha from Botad. The operation was completed by the all-women team. 1. Santokbehn Odedara, 2. Nitmika Gohil 3. Aruna Gometi 4. Shakuntala… I salute these brave sisters

A picture claiming that the women team of the Gujarat ATS captured a criminal from Badot yesterday. The picture and the news has gone viral on social media. It has been extensively shared on all platforms.


This particular post has got over 1.5K shares and reactions for over 17K times.



Soon, a lot of people started sharing posts with various captions,



The post was also shared widely on Twitter,




The major giveaway was that none of the officers is wearing a mask since there is the risk of COVID-19. Upon doing a Google Reverse Image Search of the image, it was found that the news and the picture both are old. They are originally from 2019

The incident is of May 2019, when the women ATS caught notorious criminal Jusab Allahrakha Sandh who had been on the run for nearly a year. He was arrested from the Botad district where he was hiding.

Various media houses had reported the news,

1. The Indian Express


2. The Times Of India


According to the report by The Indian Express, the notorious criminal Jusab Allahrakha Sandh had various serious cases registered against him,


And the women squad had undergone serious training for a year,


After the news broke out the same image and post had gone viral on social media last year,



Therefore, it is evident that the incident happened last year, and is not recent. Hence the viral claims that the criminal was caught “yesterday” are completely false. It is to be noted that even though the news is true, it happened last year that is in 2019.

Rhea Binoy

Spread the truth:

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