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Old video surfaces of Muslims spitting into food claiming to spread COVID-19

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Claim: “राहत कार्य में जुटे हमारे देश के भाई
        वायरस को कैसे आग की तरह फैलाया जा सकता है और अपनी बंद आंखों को खोलने की कोशिश जरूर करें????? कोई भाई चारा नही बल्कि भाई ही चारा हैं”

Translation: “Our brothers at rescue work, how a virus can spread like fire. Try to open your eyes and see. No brotherhood is seen here.”

A video went viral on social media claiming that the Muslim rescue workers are spitting into the food that is meant to be given to the underprivileged and that they are spreading Coronavirus.

The post was widely shared on social media.



The post was widely shared over Facebook, with this particular post garnering over 1.5K shares and 23K views.



Soon, the post spread like wildfire on Facebook,



The video was also made viral on Twitter,




Upon doing a Google Reverse Image Search of the screenshots taken out of the video, it led us to a YouTube video that was uploaded in 2018. The video is of 1 minute 21 seconds and was uploaded by Basheer Bahrain, and was uploaded on 15th December 2018

The caption of the video is in Malayalam, which means, “Those who don’t understand barkat of Islam, they should eat spat on food.”


The video was also shared during the Shaheen Bagh protests, that the Muslims are spitting on Biryani meant to be given to non-Muslims at the protests, and was debunked by various fact-checkers.

Though it is not established from where the original video is or why is it happening, it is established that the video is two years old and has no relation to Muslims spreading the Coronavirus by spitting into food. 


Rhea Binoy

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