Old photo of a young boy viral with false claim of being Infected with Corona

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With the Covid pandemic striking fear in general public, the social media platforms are flooding with fake news regarding the pandemic. One such photo of a young boy is being circulated with a false claim that he is a corona patient.


A photo of a young boy is taking rounds on social media claiming that he is suffering from Corona virus, with the following caption-

Please Just give me a minute of your time, help share in 4 groups let’s make a prayer chain, It has no cost just share thanks. I don’t mean to disturb. Just help share so my son can get more prayers.

8YEARs OLD BOY NEED CHAIN PRAYER 🙏🙏😢😭 He have Coronavirus



This photo was posted by a facebook page called ‘Prayer Request Chaple’ on 29th April. Since then it became viral. This post itself has over 217k shares and 32k likes.

The following photo was also shared in form of a blogspot link. The link was shared by the page ‘GOOD MORNING LORD‘ on Facebook.

The post shared by the ‘GOOD MORNING LORD’ page has garnered 1.9k shares and 614 reactions.


The post was uploaded on May 3rd. The blog on the other hand is dated 29th April.


The following photo and link became viral on Facebook.


It was not shared as widely on Twitter as Facebook.


This photo was tweeted by ‘the Divine Nature’ on May 3rd and has 40 likes and 14 retweets.


This photo is more than a year old and hence cannot be related to corona virus at all.

Google reverse image search of this photo lead to a one year old post.


The original caption with the photo is in spanish. (Translation-

This child sorry is starting to live and they will operate in emergency we just ask you to make a prayer chain for this child so that everything goes well with God ahead amen

Do not be ashamed to share this)

It was uploaded on 28th February 2019, before the pandemic hit the world. This post had 4.4k likes and 165k shares.

This fake news was also debunked by India Today.

Reverse image search couldn’t find any relatable image to find the identity of the boy but the proof that the same image has been floating the internet since February 2019 proves that it isn’t related to corona.






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