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#LATEST #ViralSach – #Headrest ‘can’ be used to break #car glass but it wasn’t it’s main purpose. The only purpose of it was to provide comfort to head, adjustable as per the height of the person sitting on the seat. The patent was filed by Benjamin Katz in 1921. Link given below.

These Hoaxes Flourish just because of lack of an asset – Common Sense which unfortunately can’t be bought.

Let me explain why here – If the purpose of Headrest was to break the Glass why would such big automobile Giants leave it to your imagination ? They put everything in their manual, especially things about safety. So why hide this basic thing ? In mall, big buildings, the details about Fire Exit and escape are written in big bold red letters. Why would car makers hide this basic thing ?

Looked around and seems I’m the first to uncover this Hoax. do Share

Patent SOURCE: http://ift.tt/1VvQSRS http://ift.tt/1SUhaaJ

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Spread the truth:

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