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CHENNAI FLOOD is one of the most heart wrenching disaster of the century but it has taught us many things which other sites r spreading like our heart and willing to help others is much above our money/car/bunglow, religion is much below humanity,unity and such. But these u’ll use when godforbid such disaster happens but RIGHT NOW ON LRIORITY BASIS THIS IS WHAT U NEED TO DO –
If u do not have a scanner, u can even take it’s photos from ur mobile (with correct angle) and upload. Doesn’t take much time.

Millions of personal documents of people have been lost or damaged. Important papers like Insurance Certificates and Medical Records are lost or destroyed. In panic, fleeing people have abandoned them.

Please scan and store the following documents for you and each family member in a Pen Drive.
Also upload them to ur existing Google Drive, Dropbox, attach and email to yourself on various other providers like yahoo etc with subject “My documents”

The documents list:
1. Passport, including Visa Pages
2. Insurance Certificates for Life Insurance
3. Insurance Certificates for Medical Insurance
4. Birth Certificate
5. School Certificates
6. Degree Certificates
7. Fixed Deposit Certificates
8. Important Medical Documents, including medical prescriptions for elderly family members 9. Driving License
10. Aadhar Card
11. Ration Card
12. Voter I’D
13. PAN Card
14. Previous years Income Tax returns
15. Property Papers for home, farm arc
16. Vehicle Insurance papers
17. Vehicle Registrations and Tax tokens
17. Warranty Papers for important items
18. Any other Insurance Papers like Home Insurance, Mobile Insurance arc
19. Prescription Lenses for Eyes
20. Employment Record, including Appointment Orders for previous companies, Salary Slips, Releiving Letters arc

Never know when a systematic document preservation system will suddenly be helpful. This need not be needed only during calamities, they may be needed even in normal life situations. http://ift.tt/1OSslCY

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Spread the truth:

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