Did man in the viral video squeeze out mango juice using an electromagnetic field?

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A video is circulating on social media triggering intrigue among netizens. The video shows a man squeezing juice out of a mango without even touching it. He uses an inverter, a battery and some copper wire to conduct this experiment.

Claims: The man in the video claimed that the electromagnetic field formed inside the copper wire, when electricity passes through it, squeezes the juice out of the mango. According to him, the electromagnetic field inside the copper wire puts pressure on the surface of the mango allowing the liquid to flow out of the hole at the bottom. The video received thousands of views when shared by a page on Twitter and is going viral now.






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No, the man in the viral video did not squeeze out mango juice using an electromagnetic field. The experiment in the video is actually a magic trick.

We are no electrical engineers, but looking closely at the video gave the truth away.

Following are a few visual clues from the video to begin with:

  1.  While the juice squeezes out of the mango, the shape of the mango stayed intact. There seemed to be no loss in the mass of the mango even when the glass was full of mango juice.
  2. No change in the shape even, no question of the mango being squeezed.
  3. The long glass filled almost to its rim, when the volume of the mango wasn’t enough to do so.
  4. Glare on the glass hid the spot from where the juice was flowing. So it is not clear if the liquid was coming out of the hole in the mango or not.

Secondly, to find the truth behind the widely shared video, we searched for the keywords used in it on different social media platforms. In the video uploaded on Twitter and Facebook, we found a TikTok logo with the creator’s username – @leomagic7.

Leo Petrou, an “engineer/magician”, creates several such intriguing experiment videos and uploads them on his TikTok account. He is seen walking on water in one and turning into a dancing  skeleton in another.

Looking through his profile on TikTok, we found a link to his Instagram account and reached out to him, seeking the truth behind the viral video.

Leo said, “Hi! Yes, it is a magic trick. I posted it on my TikTok page “leomagic7”, so if people share the video outside of my page, it loses the context of being a magic trick. Hope you enjoyed the video though!” Hence, he clarified that it is not Science but a magic trick meant only for entertainment.

However, as the saying goes – a magician never reveals his secrets. Petrou also did not tell us how he did it. We can deduce that he made the viral video using VFX, camera trick or real “abracadabra” stuff. But some things are better left undiscovered.







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