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Did @arvindkejriwal say “Kashmiris wants Independence & India should call off her claim to Kashmir”?
Cleared this Last July but is back.
How this worked –
1. Someone photoshops & post on facebook
2. A small time website pretending to be a News Portal, posts that image, claiming Facebook as proof.
3. People makes screenshot of this so called news Viral.
4. The editor apologizes and deletes the so called news
5. Screenshot is still Viral.
Deleted News Link: http://mobilenews24.com/national/nawaz-sharif-invited-kejriwal/
My Post in July after talking with so called editor –

Either the author of this article is a moron, or have a purpose to spread rumors and lies or seems to be paid for this.
Calls a Facebook Post “तथ्य” i.e. Fact. Even goes one step ahead & claims Nawaz Sharif gave gift to Kejriwal.

This image has been making rounds since years, but never did Nawaz Sharif talked about Kejriwal at all, Inviting him, a CM to discuss Kashmir is a far cry.
I called The editor & he said he will delete or change but kept it same, only added a para in the end.
Update: It’s deleted now, left with personal views only.

Another question is whether the Editor or owner is literate or not. One wrong spelling can be a mistake but using it everywhere obviously proves it. I told him over the phone so he corrected it.
SOURCE: http://mobilenews24.com/national/nawaz-sharif-invited-kejriwal/ https://www.facebook.com/SMHoaxSlayer/photos/a.147357335599672.1073741828.140690692933003/411602075841862/?type=3

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