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#CSDS strikes India again. Uncountable Fatalities (Whatsapp forwards). Even Doctors (Mainstream Media) fell victim.
Please take pills of Common Sense twice a day.
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1. How can millions and trillions of 2000 Notes be tracked continuously, every day, every hour ? A basic & important website like IRCTC for a seat booking can not work, crashes. Many other gov sites are in shambles.
2. How can a Nano GPS chip be so cheap to be accommodated in a note made of paper, which is folded infinite times, gets drenched in water ?
3. How in the name of CS, can it work without power ? Signal Reflection? Really ??
4. How about your Privacy ? I don’t think you carry your wallet to wash rooms, but Gov can keep a track.
5. Satellites on which several cellular call drops, can handle these trillions of notes ??
6. Is ISRO working on more dedicated Satellites to keep track of Notes of 2000 ??

Given this Nano GPS Chip Hoax, I can include few from my vault too.
It will have a Micro Cam also which will upload the photos of owner of the 2000 Rs. Note and will keep updating the photos of different owners as it changes hands. It can detect change of Hands by Micro fingerprint reader too.

Government database will remain updated. At a given time, this particular Note with Number XYZ is in whose wallet can be tracked leading to his/her name, mobile number etc.

Guys, Common Sense is Very rare, a god’s gift to humanity.
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PS: I repeat, I’d be glad to be proven wrong and hope such Notes do become reality and corruption, black money, bribery vanishes from my country.

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Spread the truth:

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