​IMPORTANT: CHECK BEFORE ASKING. It’s already there. More than 1300 Hoaxes Slayed yet. Read this…

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SMHoaxSlayer has been around since august 2015. Slayed more than 1300 hoaxes already. 
You can compare it to a “Buffet”
The food is already served but you need to get up and look for what you want. Hope standing up and going to pick your food is not quite hard I.e. Searching for what you are looking for.

Just in case it’s not on table, not served, you can order what you need. I.e PM me and will get your dish I.e reply within 5 minutes.
I started this page noticing that Common Sense is extinct and country is going down the drain, people have stopped using their brain, whatsapp etc is their solid news source now a days.
But when 50 people ask me the same question in PM, which has already been posted before, how can they all be replied ? And if they don’t get a reply, like current country scene, they will immediately form an opinion that admin is lazy or arrogant etc. 
Is it too much to ask you of searching first ? 
From now on, if you don’t get a reply, either it has been posted or something difficult “humse na ho payega” type.
Don’t mean to offend anyone but this was getting on my nerves. Why spoon feed all ? Sorry. 

Hoax Slayer

Spread the truth:

Hoax Slayer

SMHoaxSlayer is India's largest and oldest Fact Checker. Started in Aug 2015, it had debunked more than 2000 Fake News till now. Check more at smhoaxslayer.com/team

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