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A Yogi, Mystic & Visionary’s suspicious visions.

A verified twitter account, with more than 3 lakh followers under the name of “Sadguru” which claims all tweets are signed by him posts a year 2015 video congratulating PM Modi ji claiming it his effect of Swachhata Abhiyaan.
The tweet has been retweeted 3283 times within 11 hours.
The video shows an elephant picking up garbage and throwing it in garbage bin.
The video actually is of Year 2015, Kruger Park, South Africa where we can be pretty sure the elephant might not have seen the Swachh Bharat Campaign at all.
False Tweet – https://twitter.com/SadhguruJV/status/882984770392563713
Proof: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-3310109/He-s-bin-trained-extraordinary-moment-elephant-uses-trunk-pick-dispose-rubbish-left-grass.html
Note: Someone asked about this and the first reply, the proof above was given by BoomLive, so credits to them.

This elephant proves it’s no litter bug after incredible footage showed it scooping up rubbish and putting it in the bin.

It shows that flies aren’t the only nuisance for the giant mammal, who decided to do its own bit for the environment.  

CCTV shows the elephant, wander through the back garden of a house in Greater Kruger national park, South Africa, before it spots some empty cans that have been left on the grass.

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