Minjur desalination plant started in Year 2010, it’s not recent.

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This page claims that it’s a recent invention which media is not showing. The post was made in January 2017. The page asked followers to share to encourage  our scientists and more than 53 thousands people obediently did.


This page claims that it’s a recent invention which media is not showing, while this photo is of Minjur Plant, year 2010, 8 years ago.






It was founded in Year 2005 by IVRCL

The Minjur Desalination Plant is a reverse osmosis, water desalination plant at Kattupalli village, a northern suburb of Chennai, India, on the coast of the Bay of Bengal that supplies water to the city of Chennai.

The Minjur desalination plant is the largest desalination plant in India.It is located in Kattupalli village near Minjur about 35km north of the state capital city, Chennai.The plant is established on 60 acre site at a cost of Rs.600 crore. Note : The second largest plant is in Jamnagar, Gujarat, with a capacity of 96 Million Litres per Day (MLD).

The Minjur desalination plant consists of 8,600 sea water reverse osmosis (RO) membranes.The pre-treatment of the raw sea water will include coagulation-flocculation, gravity and pressure filtration.

Minjur desalination plant Supplies 100-million-litres-a-day to the Chennai Metro water at the rate of Rs.48.66 per 1,000 litres (0ne litre Rs 4.86)

The facility has been implemented on a design, build, own, operate and transfer basis by Chennai Water Desalination Limited (CWDL), which is a special purpose vehicle of IVRCL Infrastructures and Project Limited and Befesa Aqua, Spain

The plant  produces potable water using reverse osmosis (RO) technology and serves an estimated population of 500,000 in Chennai.

The plant was originally scheduled to be opened in January 2009. The work on the plant, however, was delayed due to Cyclone Nisha in October 2008. The cyclone had damaged a portion of the completed marine works and also destroyed the cofferdam used for installation of transition pipes.

Chennai has a chronic water problem as the city depends extensively on ground water, replenished by an average rainfall of 1,276mm. The coastal city receives about 985mld of water from ground and surface water sources against the demand of 1,200mld. The demand is expected to increase to about 2,700mld by 2031. The underground aquifers are getting depleted at an alarming rate due to an increase in groundwater usage.
Source – Kalvisolai Year 2010


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