These are not women, but males beaten up on suspect of a rape of 7 year old girl.

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दंगा भड़काने की फिर से झूठी कोशिश
Yet another attempt to entice Riots /Communal Tension. This photo has Nothing to do with politics or religion at all

Truth – News Year 2014 –
“One man was killed and two others were badly hurt today by villagers in India who accused them of raping and hanging a seven-year-old girl.

The girl was discovered hanging from a tree near the village of Kaliabazar, West Bengal, this morning and angry villagers quickly rounded up a local ‘Tantrik’ holy man and his two friends.

The trio were mercilessly beaten. One later died in hospital and the two others are still being treated.” – Dailymail UK


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Year 2014

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