The viral circular regarding the closing down of hotels and restaurants is Fake.

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A circular allegedly issued by the Indian Ministry of Tourism has been going on rounds especially in the form of of WhatsApp forwards. It issues a shutdown of all restaurants, hotels and resorts till 15th October in the wake of the pandemic. The circular reads:




The above circular is fake. Many organisations including PIB and the Ministry of Tourism had issues statements regarding the same. A closer look at the post reveals a few details:

  • The post is riddled with many grammatical errors that no official announcement will carry
  • The website url as mentioned in the circular is non-existent
  • There is a visible colour variation andĀ  edits made on the box in which the signatures of the concerned are enclosed in
  • The template varies from the previous circulars put out by the Ministry of Tourism

The Ministry of Tourism posted the below notice on theirĀ Facebook page allegedly after the spread of misinformation:


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