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Indian Army did not establish any quarantine facility of 1000 beds in Barmer.

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Following text is viral along with a set of images –
“This is a 1000 bed with 100 ventilator hospital bed set up by our Army in Barmer Rajasthan in 2 days for fighting Corona virus.  We shared the 1000 bed hospital built in China widely . This is a much faster response with wide experience of our Armed Forces Medical Corps.  Pl spread this far n wide n let the people know how the government n army are fighting the Corona virus war.  This has not been showed by any of our super news channels who are only showing the increase in the positive cases in our country. Salute n Stand with the forces.  Jai Hind. Jai Hindustan.”

Claim: It’s a set of 3 images claiming about a quarantine facility of 1000 beds has been built by Indian Army in Barmer for the isolation of Coronavirus patients. The text along with images had been in circulation all over the social media. Some of the twitter users also tweeted the same.







1800 + Shares of the following Facebok post




On scrolling the official twitter handle of the Indian Army they clarified that this input that is going around is fake and no such quarantine facility has been built by the Indian Army in Barmer.

They tweeted
“A Fake input is circulating on Social Media that #IndianArmy has established 1000 bed quarantine facility in Barmer.

This is untrue.”


On further investigation by us, it was found that this single image has been made by combining 3 different images from the internet.



With the help of reverse image search, we found this image to be used in many defence and military-related articles over the internet. So in our investigation, this image does not connect with the claim as this image is used in articles of Germany.


The above article states that The German Medical Service Command II presented the Bundeswehr medical center or rescue center in Kaiserslautern requested by the state of Rhineland-Palatinate as part of the technical administrative assistance yesterday. After the construction and installation of the 68 containers and 30 unit tents comprising the Medicals Center was observed last week, media representatives were presented with the operational rescue center, which is a truly unique piece in Germany.



This image has been taken from a story on March Reserve Base’s official website. This base is situated in California and earlier it was known as March Air Force Base.


The above-stated link says about an article which was published on November 16, 2008, clearly states the story offering a look inside the Mobile Field Hospital, one of three owned by the state. The hospital is designed with climate control systems and is self-contained with all medical equipment, supplies, and pharmaceuticals to deliver comprehensive emergency medical care.



On searching this image with the help of a reverse image search on google and Yandex we came to know about a tweet done by the account of Principal spokesperson from the Ministry of Defence.

The tweet dated April 28, 2015, clearly states that this picture has been taken from the Casualty Triage Centre set up by the Army Medical Corps at Kathmandu Air Base for the aid of rescued people post Nepal Earthquake of 2015.

Therefore in our investigation, we came towards the conclusion that none of the image relates with the mighty claims made by the people on social media and all the different images had been from different areas and years.


Mohd Nadeem Siddiqui

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Mohd Nadeem Siddiqui

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