Sharing such photos proves patriots like these can’t even recognize our own beautiful flag.

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Are people sharing this image real patriots ? They don’t even recognize our very own beautiful flag.
When posted last year, people came up with excuse that we should respect army of every country, just because neither did they checked photo nor do they know what goes behind all these fake army respect.
These images are used to gain popularity and higher traffic for selfish reasons.

ये लोग देशप्रेमी है या देशद्रोही जो हमारे देश की शान, भारत का तिरंगा तक नहीं पहचानते ? ऐसे अंधे होंगे तो दुश्मन भी बेवकूफ बना देगा !
सोशल मीडिया पे फैलाये गए ऐसे झूठ से देशप्रेम बढ़ता है क्या ?
ये फोटो 2014 में पोस्ट किया गया था।


सच: http://kurdistanskyscrapers.com/topic/9346414/235/

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Spread the truth:

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