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Old image claimed to be shot at different locations shared at amidst lockdown

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A photo of birds like peacocks and parrots eating grains from lying on road is going viral on social media as effect of #Lockdown. It’s being claimed that the photo was captured at the Ooty Coimbatore highway. The same image is circulating with different locations on Facebook and Twitter.


A Facebook user named Jeevan Amirt shared the image with the caption “Ooty-Coimbatore roads have been occupied by original owners. Love to see this scene. Now we are understanding what damage we did to nature till now.”


The same image has been shared as from Shivaji Unversity, Kolhapur.


The image has been also shared on twitter from Mumbai.


Using the reverse image search on Yandex that led us to a tweet from September 4, 2019. The user claimed that the image is from Sindh, Pakistan. With this tweet, it is clear that the photo is at least one-year-old and not the recent one.

With the reverse image search on Google, we found that Newsmeter also fact check for the same. According to the report, an Instagram user named posted the image on June 29, 2019.  Where the user identified the image was from the Chhatbir Zoo, Chandigarh.


A comparison of the image posted by the Instagram user named Vama Amav on June 29, 2019, and the recent viral image on social media shows that both are different images. The sitting position of the Peacocks in both the images is not the same but the background of the location is very similar.

                                             Viral Post                                                        Instagram post 

We contacted to the Instagram user Vama Amav, she said that the viral image is not clicked by her but the location seen in the image is from Chandigarh’s Chhatbir Zoo.

Thus, it is clear with the September 2019 tweet that the image was not captured during the lockdown.




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Shweta Jamsandekar

An aspiring journalist from Symbiosis institute of media and communication.