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A yoga video shot before PM Modi was born is viral claimed to be his.

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A video of a man performing various asanas of yoga is viral claimed to be a rare video of PM Modi.

“एक दुर्लभ अद्भुत विडीयो नरेन्द्र मोदीजी का…।आप भी आश्चर्यचकित रह जाएंगे। उच्च स्तर की योग साधना” is viral on WhatsApp along with the video.

Translation: A rare and astounding video of Narendra Modi.  You will also be astonished. High level Yoga”

The viral video shows a young man in a black and white which is 8.24 minute long with shlokas/mantras being chanted.




Manoj Goel, National Executive Member BJP Youth Wing tweeted –







This video was shot in 1938, the man in the video is BKS Iyenger, not PM Modi who was born in 1950.

We found that this video was earliest uploaded on YouTube in 2006

So we started looking for Iyenger and Yoga and found that he was one of the earliest mast of modern day yoga and have founded an organization recognized and helping people globally.

On his portal we found a DVD on sale which also had a screenshot from the viral video named 1938 Practice



Above is a comparison of a screenshot from India Today (Left) and the viral video (on right)

Both are BKS Iyenger and not PM Modi



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