Yet another WhatsApp scam !

Spread the truth:

A Year is about to complete and a New one is just arriving, why not make money out of it by conning people ?
That’s what the maker of this scam might have thought. They never leave any tempting opportunity.

You might have received this by now on your WhatsApp, sent by a friend or relative.


*Jio wishes you a Happy Digital 2018*

*Jio Anniversary Offer में जियो सबको दे रहा है। एक साल तक फ्री internet !*

*जल्दी से दिए गये लिंक पर क्लिक करें और दिए गए Step Follow करें और पाईये 1 साल तक फ्री Internet !*




This claims JIO is offering free internet for one year in celebration of their anniversary. The beauty is they even wrote it in hindi so many people who are not aware fall for it.

This domain has been booked just a day ago by Some Manish Sharma in Vadodara –


This is how such scam works –

Now let’s get in the detail how this scam works.

  1. First you receive a click-bait message under some brand name offering you something for free.
  2. You click on the link given in it and it takes you to a website. The Link itself is the identifier of the scam, it’s never is genuine, i.e the brand it’s using.
  3. That website either directly congratulates you that you won, or ask you for some small game which also leads you to your win. Also these websites are never responsive i.e they are made just for mobile, not for desktop. Try opening that link on Laptop/Desktop or even on mobile browser’s “Desktop Mode” and you will immediately find it.
  4. It asks you to enter your name and mobile number, address etc.
  5. It says you are almost done, shows you the amount or success and asks for completion of the process.
  6. This is the heart of the scam – It asks you to share this in 8 or 10 WhatsApp groups. By This it reaches Lakhs of people within hours. You will share in 10 Groups, in Each of those groups more 10-20 people will try this and share in their groups and so on…
  7. When you do that, it says you are done and will receive the item or the amount has been sent but nothing actually happens.
  8. Well you actually don’t receive anything as was promised by website but you surely end up getting TeleMarketing Phone calls for Insurance, Policies, Investments etc.
  9. You may also end up installing AdWares or Malwares which keeps pushing ads on your screen and making your phone terribly slow.Let’s perform a surgery on this particular scam where actually the Tumor has been found i.e the person who is running this scam.








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