Do we really need lies to respect our Army ? Don’t we already ?

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No, This is not India, it’s a Seagull being rescued in September 2013 by a helicopter at Virginia Beach, USA.
It has 9000 shares. They liked it and did not bother to check. The patriotic feeling took over.

The purpose of such intentional lies is to attract more people, more likes and then put own agenda, here they are promoting a website.





There have been many daring rescues by helicopter but this may be the first time a seagull has been plucked to safety by a chopper.

The seagull is now being nursed back to health after being stuck in power lines for 24 hours in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The bird had only a wing and a prayer but thankfully Virginia Dominion Power used a helicopter to free the bird, and it was taken to the local animal rescue.

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One thought on “Do we really need lies to respect our Army ? Don’t we already ?

  • August 21, 2017 at 3:48 pm

    Most of the conservative bio-gated people share lies and untrue events to gain popularity. This is similar to telling lies thousand times louder so that it seems as true.


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