Converting religion after murder ? From Patrike to Patrick

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A story is Viral now that Late Journalist Gauri Lankesh’s surname was Patrick which media hid and so was she buried.

The strategy is quite simple, usual, nothing new.
Timeline of Character Assassination
Gurmehar Kaur – A video of some other girl was made viral, enjoying in a car
Pranay Roy CBI Raid – 2 stories went viral –  found birth certificate of him being muslim, another christian
Varnika Kundu – A photo with a friend claiming him to be the accused Vikas Balra
Gauri Lankesh – adding a surname “Patrick” claiming her to be Christian.

After the murder of Journalist Gauri Lankesh, many people used filthy words, defending the murder, praising the act and now this goes one step further.
She ran a weekly Magazine named – Gauri Lankesh Patrike, where Patrike means magazine – Patrika.
Someone found it matching and invented the name which can be used “Patrick”
The usual stuff – Vatican City is named after Vatika, Taj Mahal was Tejo Mahalaya

Another query or defense is why was she buried in a state funeral ?
She was a Lingyat and Lingayat follow burial.

“Gauri Lankesh was born in a Lingayat family[1] in 1962. Her father is the poet-journalist P. Lankesh, who established the Kannada-language weekly tabloid Lankesh Patrike.[2] She had two siblings, Kavitha and Indrajit.[3]Source

The Lingayats bury their dead.Source


Viral on WhatsApp –

आखिर गौरी लंकेश का पूरा नाम मीडिया ने क्यों छुपाया?

गौरी लंकेश का पुरा नाम गौरी लंकेश पैट्रिक है, जो एक कट्टर ईसाई है। आज इसके मरने के बाद इसे कब्रिस्तान में दफनाया गया।

डिया ने इसका पुरा नाम इसलिए छुपाया जिससे लोगों को पता नहीं चले ये एक कट्टर ईसाई थी इसलिए हिंदुत्व का विरोध करती थी। इस विरोध के लिए इसे मिशनरीज से फंड मिलता था उसी फंड से ये एक पंपलेट संघ/भाजपा के विरोध में निकालती थी, 
भारतीय धर्म ,संस्कृति, आस्था की बुरी तरह से बुराई करने वाली स्वघोषित वामपंथी विचारक ।

मिशनरीज सपोर्टेड संपूर्ण मिडिया जब एक स्वर से हुवा हुवा करना शुरू किया तभी समझ में आ गया था इसका कनेक्शन पत्रकारिता से कम हिंदुत्व विरोध से ज्यादा है। और जब इसके दफनाने की खबर आया तो सबकुछ स्पष्ट हो गया।”


The list of such tweets etc is endless

Debunked on Twitter earlier


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One thought on “Converting religion after murder ? From Patrike to Patrick

  • September 11, 2017 at 6:19 pm

    Although i denounce her killing but she was equally abusive on social media about the government. No one has denounced the abusive social media posts she used to make about our prime minister.


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